Your modern platform for

partnering with banks

Single Integration

Plug-and-Play Solutions

If you have a fintech solution you're thinking about offering in white-label, co-branded or other deals to banks you need to integrate with the platform only once. Our private cloud is identical at each bank, so your solution will run plug-and-play.

Business logic only

No Boilerplate

You can take advantage of our Kong API Gateway and Red Hat SSO functionalities (logging, caching, rate limiting, authentication) based on a rich plugin ecosystem. This way you will be able to avoid having to comply with the different requirements of different banks in each of these areas.

Modern Open Standards

No Legacy

Integration is built on modern API standards (REST, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect), and all major Open Banking standards are supported (e.g. OBWG, Berlin Group, STET). All our future banking APIs will be open as well.

Fintech Marketplace


Showcase your app or API in our marketplace to appeal to banks. Differentiate yourself with screenshots, videos and your best sales pitch.

Modern Scalable Platform


The private clouds deployed at each bank are Google Kubernetes/Red Hat Openshift clouds capable of running and scaling your containerized applications. If you have a Docker-based REST API, you're probably good to go.

Familiar Review Process

App Store Review

Our review process is similar to an iTunes App Store review. It ensures your API is capable of being orchestrated in Kubernetes/Openshift, complies with the IT operations, security and compliance requirements common at most banks. Our Fintech API Guidelines incorporate these banking and security best practices.

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