Embrace Banking-as-a-Service or just comply

Leave your options open

Open Standards

We support the major Open Banking standards (OBWG, Berlin Group, STET) so you don't have to bet on any given open or proprietary API format, while nobody knows which one will win.

Third Party Onboarding & Management

Manage in a unified system your premium API partners as well as those with valid certificates as AISP, PISP, PIISP registered at competent authorities. We include a sandbox with a developer portal for onboarding, and a ticketing system integrated for reporting API issues as mandated by PSD2.

Billing & Monetization

Add your value-added APIs, define your subscription packages, measure, report and bill to monetize them.

Strong Customer Authentication Support

Based on Open Standards (OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0) we keep authentication and consent management in the bank's hands, while providing modern, proven authentication technologies capable of integrating with many pre-existing SSO solutions of the bank. PSD2 SCA RTS compliant triggers are applied through an authentication plugin, even enabling integration with 3rd party Transaction Risk Analysis solutions for dynamic SCA limits for payments.

User level security management

Our consent management plugins and APIs enable granting, tracking and revoking consents, managing trusted beneficiaries by the users themselves or banking security personnel.

Public API Documentation

Our Developer Portal includes a constantly refreshing API documentation that follows different API versions, as well as an interactive API Explorer that lets developers try them out with sandbox data.

Software Development Kits

Already implemented modules for authentication & API access for supported Open Banking standards are bundled in the most popular programming languages (Java, C#, Node.js) to allow premium API partners to develop solutions faster.

Optional Add-On

Joining the platform does not require you to implement all compliance features with our solution. FintechBlocks can be easily added on to your existing PSD2 compliance vendor's solution allowing you to take advantage of the premium features.

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