PSD2-compliance is a must have task for any European financial instution: granting third-party-providers’ access to customer data at no fee does not sound overly attractive.

Have you made any thoughts how you could turn this compliance task into a new business opportunity? Yes, it is possible to fulfill PSD2-requirements while creating new monetization and business development opportunities for your bank at the same time.

Our FintechBlocks platform solution enable you to offer value-added APIs, open up APIs not covered by PSD2, establish push notifications, and many more extras.

The API-layers of FintechBlocks ensure full PSD2-compliance.


Do you struggle with new development projects? Are your new projects constrained by the old and high-complexity core systems? Is your team scared of touching your core system modules?

Our FintechBlocks solution provides you with an innovation platform where you can host new inhouse development projects.

FintechBlocks enables you to deliver your innovation projects with two-speed IT approach, and enables you to reach shorter time-to-market.

The internal innovation platform can accommodate internal or external development projects. No need to touch the core banking systems;
no interference with them. All made in two-speed IT approach.


Cooperating with fintechs can be very complicated. As a bank you have to make significant efforts to accomodate fintech initiatives when connecting their systems to yours.

Auditing fintech solutions for security/legal compliance, maintaining different systems at the bank’s datacenter are the most common problems for banks. As result, development projects are slowed down and new fintech initiatives might even get blocked due to such complexities. All in all, there is a big need on the market to make bank/fintech cooperation easier.

Our FintechBlocks solution makes bank/fintech-cooperation seamless. Our fintech marketplace – hosted in public cloud – accommodates reviewed and audited fintech companies. Our third-party auditors guarantee that fintechs fulfill the applicable technical, legal compliance rules. Bringing a fintech from the public marketplace within the bank’s firewall is easy as downloading an app from an appstore.

Are you a fintech-player? Then join FintechBlocks now and complete technical integration to multiple banks in one go!

Deployment of reviewed fintech applications running on the marketplace is made supereasy: one-click deployment;
as easy as just downloading an app from an appstore.